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Organization Description

    Nanoori Hospital is founded in 5 different cities in South Korea, including Gangnam(2003), Incheon(2008), Gangseo(2009), Suwon(2013), and Juan(2015). In 2018, Nanoori Hospital Shanghai opened in Hongqiao Central Business District, Shanghai, China. In 2020, EHS-Nanoori Spine and Joint Clinic opened in Dubai Healthcare City in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We provide accurate and precise diagnosis for patients with spine and/or joint related health problems. We offer both surgical and non-surgical medical treatments tailored to individual patient's needs so that everyone who comes to our hospital can have the best possible outcome at the end of the treatment journey.

<Spine Center>

  Selected as a special spine hospital by the Ministry of Health & Welfare, the Spine Center of Nanoori Hospital is unquestionably the best in Korea. 

The medical team of the center has excellent doctors including the Best Doctor in Korea who was selected by the press, a head professor of a university hospital, a doctor who conducted disc surgery on the President of Korea, etc. In total, the team conducts more than 10,000 successful surgeries every year. State-of-the-art equipment such as MRI, microsurgical devices, the C-arm, etc. are used so that the examination and surgery are accurate and to ensure the swift recovery of patients. There are more than 100 medical specialists in eight departments at Nanoori Hospital who hold conferences and work together to provide perfect all-around care for spine patients. Main procedure/surgery - Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR), Percutaneous Epidural Neuroplasty(RACZ, PEN), Uniportal Bilateral Foraminotomy (UBF).

< Joint Center>

  The joint specialists working at the Joint Center of Nanoori Hospital have extensive clinical experience. These specialists provide differentiated and customized medical services to a variety of patients. The center administers precise examinations using arthroscopy and MRI to ensure that they provide the best treatment possible. As does the Spine Center, the Joint Center also has introduced and operates a total-care system in which it closely collaborates with neurosurgeons and internists. After administering surgery and/or treatment, patients go through a systematic rehabilitation program that is based on special physical therapy and exercise, so that they can return to their everyday lives as quickly as possible. Main procedure/surgery - Total arthroplasty (Incision is minimized to reduce bleeding, mitigate pain and speed up recovery.), Arthroscopic surgery, Stem cell treatment.

  Nanoori Hospital founded NAVI (Nanoori Vision) International Program to invites doctors from developing countries and provide them medical training and research opportunities. Since 2016, Nanoori Hospital has been training doctors from eleven different countries, including India, Singapore, Bangladesh, UAE, United States, and Mexico. Also Nanoori Hospital has started the Love Nanoori in 2011, which is a project that provides free spine and joint surgical treatment for patients with low income. Love Nanoori continues to reach out to those in need, including the patients in Russia and Mongolia. At Nanoori International Healthcare Center (IHC), the coordinators, who are fluent in English, Russian, and Mongolian, will assist patients throughout the entire process of online consultation, treatment plan review, appointments, admissions, examinations, treatments, and discharge.

Focus Areas

   Neurosurgery, orthopedics, neurology, internal medicine, anesthesiology and pain medicine, rehabilitation medicine

  ** Nanoori Hospital provides a two-week facility isolation fee for overseas patients entering Korea for inpatient treatment. 

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