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BANOBAGI Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Clinic

Organization Description

    Welcome to BANOBAGI Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Clinic. Founded in 2000, we have been helping our patients in Korea and from abroad to accentuate their beauty while healing flaws in the body. We provide a wide array of procedures, including on the eyes and nose, as well as contouring and liposuction. We also collaborate with dermatologists and dentists for the full satisfaction of our patients. Patients from around the world visit us from China, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, and the Americas, for whom we also offer interpretation services. We have appeared in dramatic makeover shows that aired in Korea and abroad, such as “Let Me In”. In such shows, we provided full plastic surgery makeovers to people tormented by their physical appearances. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently consulting patients online using video calls, and holding promotional events for expatriates in Korea.

Service Description

    The biggest advantage of coming to BANOBAGI Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Clinic is that surgery is performed by the Directors of the hospital. You can trust our directors who have over two decades of experience in their respective areas of specialty since our opening in 2000. On each floor of the hospital building, you will meet directors specialized in different areas who’ll provide expert consultations.

  We are proud to offer friendly and systematic consultations from our patient care coordinators. Our experienced coordinators will identify your needs before you meet the director. Then the director will suggest the best solution and perform the operation directly. We have nesthesiologists and a safety system that will ensure patient safety even in emergencies during the procedure. Our after surgery care service will ensure that your transition back to living at home will go smoothly and safely.

  We at BANOBAGI Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Clinic ensure we listen closely to your concerns and needs and give you a satisfactory result through our systemic after surgery care system.

Focus Areas

    Eye surgery, nose surgery, face contour surgery, facial lift, breast surgery, petit surgery, hair transplant

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  • Address
    517, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Person in Charge
    Irene Ji
  • E-mail
  • Phone Number
    +82-2-522-6636, +82-10-5487-0624
  • Language
    English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian
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