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Bupyong Himchan Hospital

Organization Description

    Welcome to Bupyong Himchan Hospital, a specialist hospital of joints and spine approved by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW). Established in 2002, Bupyong Himchan Hospital launched its medical tourism service in 2010. We entered the overseas market in 2016, opening 3 branch hospitals that we directly operate in Russia (Sakhalin), Uzbekistan (Bukhara), and UAE (Sharjah). Since 2017, we have set up the International Medical Cooperation Team aimed at attracting patients from abroad. The team consists of 5 staff members dedicated to the CIS and Russia. We are running a special clinic where we provide artificial joint surgery, arthroscopy, cartilage regeneration rheumatoid arthritis treatments, deformity correction, and medical checkups.

  Major services provided by the International Medical Cooperation Team are video consultation, medical interpretation and translation, full care medical coordination, and a free professional concierge service.

Service Description

    Our flagship service is artificial joint replacement. We have done over 120,000 artificial joint replacement surgery, creating a new paradigm by introducing robotic artificial joint surgery devices in 2020. We also provide neurosurgical procedures/surgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R), and medical checkups for foreign patients.

  Medical checkups cost between $600 and $800, and require reservations 3 to 5 days in advance. You can select from a range of options. There is no need to be hospitalized, so you have the freedom to enjoy sightseeing, performances, or go shopping.

  Robotic artificial joint surgery costs approximately $19,500. As for typical artificial joint surgery, we offer hip joint surgery ($16,500), knee surgery ($16,500) and ankle surgery ($13,000). Other surgery includes spinal disc removal ($12,000), neuroplasty (non-surgical treatment for spinal stenosis, $6,000-$7,000), and MBB injection (lower back pain relief, $150-$200). The overall process takes about 14 days until your safe return to your home country. The price listed includes before and after surgery checkups, hospitalization, meals, and documentation. You can also choose other offerings, including vaccinations, physical therapy, consultations and appointment in other departments.

Focus Areas 

  - Bupyong Himchan Hospital: orthopedics, neurosurgery, medical checkups, internal medicine, endocrinology

  - Medical Tourism Agency: Russia/orthopedics, neurosurgery, medical checkups, CIS/orthopedics, neurosurgery, medical checkups, 

    rehabilitation, physical therapy

  - Wellness Facility: Pain clinic, rehabilitation and physical therapy center

  - Local Government, RTO: Robot artificial joint, arthroscopy, cartilage regeneration, rheumatoid arthritis, orthopraxis, medical 

    checkups, internal medicine, neurology

  - Robot artificial joint, TKR, THR, TAR, arthroplasty, neuroplasty

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