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Organization Description

    Founded in 1974, SoonChunHyang University Medical Center in Seoul[SCH] began with its mission being to improve the public health care of Korea and to build a hometown-like hospital based on the spirit of “Respect of Humanity.” The hospital is equipped with the most advanced diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical technologies, combined with experienced staffs who strive to provide high-quality medical care. Currently, there are 32 medical departments, 725 beds, and 1,800 medical professionals including more than 200 medical professors, who put forth their best efforts for the betterment of patient treatment. To provide the most efficient medical service, SCH has established a One-Stop Medical Service System where variety of medical centers are in operation at all times. SCH is accredited by KOIHA (The Korea Institute for Health Care Accreditation), which is designated and entrusted by The Ministry of Health and Welfare Department of Korea.

  The hospital is located in Hannam-dong, a hub of international business in Korea, with a large concentration of foreign residents, primarily business executives and diplomats. Today, we provides extensive medical services to embassies of 57 countries in Korea. Approximately, 14,000 patients from 100 different countries visit us annually. Our experienced team at the international patient service offers professional care designed specifically for patients who travel out of their home countries to receive medical treatment.

Service Description

[Specialized Center]

- Women’s Cancer Center: Breast Cancer & Gynecologic Cancer

- Gastrointerstinal Cancer Center: Korea’s Only One Endoscopic Education Center certified by OMED

- Orthopedic Surgery & Joint Replacement, Anthroscopy Center

- Safe surgery with minimal blood transfusion & complication, Bloodless Center

- Beginning of New Life, Bariatric Surgery Center

- Keeping Your Family Healthy, Comprehensive Health Check-up Center

- The latest davinci Da Vinci XI, Robotic Surgery Center

- Non-surgical & Non-invasive Cancer Treatment, CyberKnife Center

[Foreign Patients Care Service]

- Customized Treatment Plan & Cost Assessment by Overseas Partners Support Team

- Airport Pick up & Drop off accompanied with Professional Interpreter

- From Arrival to Departure, 1:1 Professional Interpretation & Translation Service

- International Ward Benefits: 24-Hour Hotline, Specialized Patient Monitoring, Custom meals (Western, Russian, Halal food available) & International Cable TV Channels, Free Rental of iPad/mobile phones/books

- Accommodation Reservation, VISA Application Assistance

- Walking distance to Embassy of Kazakhstan/Mongolia/Uzbekistan, Seoul Central Mosque, Major tourist sites(Namsan Tower, Han River Park)

Focus Areas

    Cancer treatment, breast surgery (breast cancer), obstetrics and gynecology (gynecologic cancer), gastroenterology (digestive cancer, polyp removal), orthopedics (artificial joint surgery, injuries), bariatric surgery, brain tumor surgery, medical checkups, robotic surgery, hemato-oncology (chemotherapy), radiation therapy, CyberKnife

** Promotion

- 30% Off Comprehensive Health Check-up Program

- Free Seoul City Tour Bus ticket & SCH Tourism Map

- Free Shuttle Service: Oriens Hotel & Residence ⟺ Hospital

- Accommodation Support Program for Cancer & surgery patients at a designated hotel residence

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