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Organization Description

    Welcome to WUYOUAIMEI, a medical tourism agency assisting patients visiting Korea. Since our establishment 9 years ago, we have over 10 million customers in China registered as members, and of the 10 million, we have about 300,000 VIP members. We also have branches in Beijing, Henan, Xi'an, Shenzhen, and Dalian. With a total of over 600 employees, of which 550 are in China and 50 in Korea, we have provided numerous services, including consultations in Korea, visa applications, flight and hotel reservation, ride service, interpretation for consultation and treatments, after-surgery care, duty-free shopping, and sending for over 150,000 patients. We are the first to be approved as an outstanding medical tourism agency. Our employees are well-trained to make your time with us enjoyable and comfortable.

Service Description

    Our service varies for different patients. We consult our customers in advance to provide a tailored service. Patients can choose to have plastic surgery, skincare, dental or comprehensive medical checkups depending on their needs.

Focus Areas

    One-stop service for pickup and sending service, interpretation, hotel and ticket bookings, and shopping

  ** For customers who book an appointment during the expo period, after having a business talk with buyers, we provide a 10%-20% discount on all services upon your visit back to our clinic within 2 years of your previous visit. As for other buyers, contact us for detailed information.

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    10th floor, 207, Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
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