Wellness Facility

SPA Yeoyongkuk

Organization Description

    A recommended destination for Wellness Tourism! Welcome to SPA Yeoyongkuk. SPA Yeoyongkuk was founded in 2009 and was designated as a recommended destination for Wellness Tourism in 2017. Of all the categories under wellness tourism, we fall under the Korean medicine category. Our main customers are tourists from Korea and abroad, pregnant women and their families. We recommend different treatments to individual patients depending on their physical constitution and their state of health. We have received positive feedback from our patients for our effective treatment, which takes care of physical and mental fatigue. Many patients continue visiting us and also recommend their family and friends to visit our clinic.


  We have 2 English-speaking staff members and 1 Japanese-speaking staff member to assist with communication. Our main program features body and face management, food and workout guide based on physical constitution of a patient.

Service Description

    A recommended destination for Wellness Tourism. Our main program features health and stress relief sessions based on Korean medicine and spa.

We have specialized spa therapists with over 10 years of experience (reservation required). Book reservations in advance for spa programs that cost between $120 and $350. Select from a set of options and join group tours. By joining our programs, you can learn how to manage your health so that you can continue at home, and you can purchase related products. Contact us for consultations on other wellness programs available.

Focus Areas

    ○ (Wellness Facility) Korean medicine and spa help our visitors from Korea and abroad to improve body circulation and relieve stress with refreshing aromas as well as skin and body care based on their physical constitution. Visitors will leave with a rejuvenated body and soul. The biggest advantage of visiting SPA Yeoyongkuk is our customized diet, exercise and aroma oils designed to improve skin problems and body circulation. They are based on the physical constitution and the state of health of individual visitors.

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    60, Seokchonhosu-ro 12-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul / Seoul, Gyeonggi-do
  • Person in Charge
    Choi Zio
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    +82-2-412-0100, +82-10-6744-7416
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