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SAM Medical Center

Organization Description

     SAM Medical Center does its best to keep pace with the global area. It has an International Clinic with the best facilities so that foreign patients can use them conveniently. In addition, the hospital is providing the best medical service by establishing a 24/7 treatment service through coordinators for communication with the professional medical team. SAM Medical Center boasts of specialized cancer treatment with modern medicine combined with holistic integrative treatment. Many patients visit the hospital from diverse countries such as the US, Russia, China, Mongolia, and Asian countries.


□ Free Pick-up Service for arrival and departure

□ 1:1 Medical Translating and Interpreting Service

□ Scheduling for doctor’s appointment and medical examination

□ Reservation service: Accommodation(Guest House, 1 min from the hospital)

□ Providing support for getting a medical visa and extension of stay for long-term patient with a serious disease

□ International Healthcare Department

□ International Patient’s Ward (Private room and 6 people room)

□ Western style meal available

□ WIFI available in all hospital areas

□ Providing exchange service

□ Providing tour program

□ Language service: Russian, English, Chinese

Service Description


(Laparoscopic Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy)

Existing hyperthermic intra-peritoneal chemotherapy practices in the peritoneal cavity require the opening of the abdomen. However, LHIPEC uses laparoscopy to cure cancers metastasized to the peritoneum. SAM Hospital was the first one in Korea which started to practice the therapy in 2008. The temperature is maintained between 42 and 43℃ while the chemo medicine are injected into the peritoneal cavity and the treatment continues for about 1 hour.

  Benefit of LHIPEC

•Less pain and faster recovery as LHIPEC uses laparoscopy

•Relatively accurate observation on metastasis by visual inspection

• Excellent effect in controlling ascites. The fundamental approach which is preventing generation of ascites by directly removing cancer cells with metastasis

•Intestinal bypass and enterostomy available at the same time

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