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    Hello, we are BF Medical Group.
  BF Medical established in 2013 and registered as Foreign Patient Hosting Agency at the same year, since then we have treated foreign patients for

  7 years. BF Medical is a professional medical tourism and hospital management company, we have over 20 years of experience in Korean medical 

  business area. Now we are managing several clinics including plastic surgery clinic, dermatology clinic, ladies clinic, and body check up center, etc.

  We provide our patients one-stop solutions of medical tourism in Korea, including hospital/clinic reservation, consultation, interpretation, hotel 

  reservation and pick up services.

Focus Areas

    Our main product is plastic surgery and skin care products.
  We cooperate with Korean famous plastic surgery clinics such as Glovi Plastic Surgery, etc., to offer personalized plastic surgery service to our

  patients. Average recovery time for patients good enough to leave Korea is 7 days.

  Skin care products cooperate with Korea premium dermatology clinics. Recovery time of skin care anti-aging treatment is short and patients could 

  go back to their homeland right after treatment. Beside surgeries and treatments above, we also provide other treatments such as health check up

  and famine surgery products. Reservation and consultation of other treatments are also available.


  ** When the patient visiting Korea for medical tourism in the future 2 years, skin care treatment (1 time) and gift set (30$) will be provided for free as a welcoming gift.

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