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GyeongBuk Medical Tourism Support Center

Company description

    Hello, this is Gyeongbuk Medical Tourism Support Center. The Gyeongbuk Medical Tourism Support Center offers the best experience for foreign patients visiting Gyeongbuk through beautiful tourism and excellent medical care. We are working with Andong Hospital, Gumi Gangdong Hospital, Gyeongsan Semyung Hospital, Pohang Woori Hospital, Pohang Yes Dentistry, which are excellent medical institutions for medical tourism in Gyeongbuk. We work with hospitals that offer the best services, including four major cancers and cardiovascular, spinal and joint diseases, dental and medical checkups.

Focus Areas

    Our Gyeongbuk Medical Tourism Support Center provides various tourism and medical services to foreign patients in cooperation with Gyeongbuk Medical Tourism Excellence Medical Institutions. From checkups to personalized medical services, a natural view of mountains and seas, Historical tourist attractions such as cultural assets and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Our Gyeongbuk Medical Tourism Support Center treats customers with kindness.

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    303 Mireukdang-gil, Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do 
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    010-8786-8960, 054-856-0615
  • Language
    English, Russian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino 
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